Advisory Group on Human Rights meets for the first time

Date: 31st January 2018
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms

Scotland's new independent Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership, which will develop recommendations on how Scotland can promote and support human rights, has met for the first time.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed the Advisory Group at the meeting and stressed the need to be ambitious in it's aims, so that Scotland's commitment to human rights can make tangible differences in people's lives.

The group is chaired by Professor Alan Miller, former Chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, who said:

"Human rights leadership is needed more than ever in our uncertain times. For decades now we have benefited from the protection of certain rights guaranteed by membership of the EU and of the European Convention on Human Rights. Brexit removes the former and imperils the latter.

"People are also looking for more effective protection of their internationally recognised rights in such areas as housing, health, social security, education and enjoyment of an adequate standard of living.

"The Advisory Group has been mandated to address this challenge and to recommend those steps needing to be taken by Scotland to secure progress and demonstrate leadership. As Chair it is a challenge I take up with relish and which I approach with a serious ambition to contribute to the progress needed by us all."

Professor Miller is joined on the group by several human rights experts including current chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, Judith Robertson. The group will also be supported by a wider Reference Group.