A Fairer Scotland for All: Race Equality Action Plan 2017-2021 and Highlight Report

Date: 12th December 2017
Category: Non-discrimination

This Plan outlines the actions that will be taken over the course of this Parliament to make improvements in the lives and experiences of minority ethnic communities in Scotland.

Set as part of the 15-year Race Equality Framework and informed by the work of the Race Equality Adviser, Scottish Government intends this Plan to be a key part in advancing race equality, tackling racism and addressing the barriers that prevent people from minority ethnic communities from realising their rights.

This Action Plan covers the lifetime of this Parliament i.e. until 2021. Scottish Government will produce a new Action Plan to cover the next Parliamentary term in efforts to focus on tackling racism and working towards race equality, across all relevant areas of Government activity.

In addition to the actions in this Plan, work is continuing on a range of further actions which were included in the Race Equality Framework. A Highlight Report is included in this Plan which provides an update on actions from the Framework. Scottish Government will provide a progress report on this Action Plan to Parliament in early 2021, setting out the focus for the next Race Equality Action Plan, which will cover the period 2021-2026.

Scottish Government have stated that its vision for a fairer Scotland is that by 2030, Scotland is a place where people are healthier, happier and treated with respect, and where opportunities, wealth and power are spread more equally. Government have committed to work with partners across the public sector and with race equality stakeholders and communities to create this vision of a fairer and purposeful Scotland for minority ethnic communities. This Action Plan has been written to realise that vision.