Guidance on the Presumption of Mainstreaming

Date: 27th November 2017
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Scottish Government has written guidance that all local authorities, schools and teachers will be required to follow. This is an opportunity for a public consultation on the guidance.

All children and young people should have their educational needs met in a mainstream school, unless certain exceptions apply.

The guidance identifies that learners should always be able to attend school (to be present and not more likely to be excluded), to participate in learning and the life of their school (including having a say about their education), achieve their full potential and be supported to do so. The guidance describes the strict reasons why a learner may not be placed in a mainstream school.

In your response to the guidance, you can answer some or all of the questions asked. Your response can be public or private. Your response can come as a professional person or a parent/carer.

The closing date for your response to the consultation is 9th February 2018.