Domestic abuse and inequality

Date: 27th November 2017
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care, Protection from abuse or neglect

This seminar looks at current dimensions of women's inequality and links them up with constraints on women's and children's space for action.

This linkage offers insights into the dynamics of coercive control and helps us identify effective interventions that reflect evidence and Scotland's causal story.

Scotland's violence against women strategy (Equally Safe), underpinned by 40+ years of feminist analysis and the Women's Aid movement, tells us that domestic abuse is a cause and consequence of women's inequality (Scotland's VAWG causal story). Widespread use of this truism is an historical accomplishment, but embedding policy and practice in this principle requires that we unpick how poverty, overrepresentation of men in public life, and VAW interact.

Facilitator: Dr Marsha Scott is a feminist activist, researcher and practitioner and has advocated, volunteered, researched, and worked in the violence against women sector in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe for 30 years. Prior to taking up post at Scottish Women's Aid in April 2015, Marsha worked for 10 years at West Lothian Council, where she helped set up and had strategic responsibility for the West Lothian Domestic and Sexual Assault Team.