Children's Parliament National Sitting 2017

Date: 27th November 2017
Category: General measures of implementation, General principles

The Children's Parliament recently celebrated its 21st birthday at its 2017 National Sitting, an event at which adults were able to engage in meaningful conversations with children about their concerns and opinions.

Children's Parliament is an Edinburgh-based charity that builds relationships that allow children the opportunity to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings; so that their concerns and opinions can be listened to and included in Scotland's social and political landscape.

A number of resources have been released following the Children's Parliament's 2017 National Sitting.

In 2017, Children's Parliament is celebrating its 21st birthday. Over the years, Children's Parliament have developed an approach where children explore their rights to be healthy, happy and safe across the domains of home, school and community. As the organisation look back on its achievements and continue to deliver inclusive and creative programmes of work, they hear consistent and challenging messages from children about their experiences of growing up; some of these experiences reflect their right to be born into and grow up in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding, but some do not. In the new Children's Parliament publication 'What kind of Scotland? Children influencing Scotland's future', children define the kind of Scotland they want to live in, a Scotland that adult duty-bearers have a responsibility to make real.

The Children's Parliament are happy for these resources to be shared, and to send out additional hard copies of the publication on request.