Migrant and refugee children and youth more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation (1)

Date: 21st September 2017
Category: Refugee , migrant and asylum-seeking children

A new UNICEF report has revealed the extent to which children and young people face abuse on migration routes, with up to three-quarters at risk of abuse, trafficking, or exploitation.

The report uses data which has been collected by the IOM from over 22,000 people on the move. This includes testimonies from 2,706 adolescents (aged 14 or over) and 8,378 youth.

The findings of the report show that adolescents and youth on the move are more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation than adults. It also concludes that

  • Adolescents and youth from sub-Saharan Africa are at particularly high risk of trafficking and exploitation
  • Adolescents and youth travelling alone are more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation than those in groups
  • Adolescents with lower levels of education are more vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation
  • Read the full report here.

In response to the report, UNICEF has created an Agenda for Action which calls for governments to take action to ensure migrant and refugee children are kept safe and have their rights protected. The agenda has six points which include:

  • Press for action on the causes that uproot children from their homes
  • Help uprooted children to stay in school and stay healthy
  • Keep families together and give children legal status
  • End the detention of refugee and migrant children by creating practical alternatives
  • Combat xenophobia and discrimination
  • Protect uprooted children from exploitation and violence
  • Read the agenda and share the manifesto here.