Independent Review of Hate Crime Legislation (1)

Date: 5th September 2017
Category: Non-discrimination

This consultation seeks views to inform the independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland, conducted by Lord Bracadale.

Through the consultation exercise, Lord Bracadale is seeking views on the definition of hate crime, reflecting on how well the current legislation operates for the groups that are covered and asking whether amendments need to be made. He is also exploring whether there should be new categories of hate crime (for example, in relation to age, gender and refugees) and inviting views on how the law can deal with online hate crime. In addition, Lord Bracadale has highlighted issues that may need further consideration outwith the review.

Three versions of the consultation paper have been produced:

  • a full version, which is aimed mainly at a technical, legal audience;
  • a non-technical guide, which is aimed at the general reader with no specialist legal knowledge;
  • an 'easy read' version using simple language and picture.
  • Access the consultation here.

To encourage wide participation and informed responses, Lord Bracadale will also be speaking at a range of events. A list of those which are open to the public will be published as the consultation period progresses.