Brexit causing worry and uncertainty among young people

Date: 8th August 2017
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms

Research by the British Youth Council's UK Young Ambassadors has concluded that young people are 'worried' and 'uncertain' about the future because of Brexit.

The new report also concludes that 50% of young people felt the world was changing for the worst, with only 35% feeling it was changing for the better.

Young people were also very concerned about the platform the EU referendum result created for hate, racism and discrimination. The campaigning tactics used in the lead up to the referendum were condemned by young people who felt the referenda targeted immigrants living and working in the UK and were keen to emphasise the positives of migration and freedom of movement.

The youth-led consultation was carried out by the UK Young Ambassadors a group of young people aged 18-25 tasked representing the UK globally. The findings of the report have been presented to the Government and the British Youth Council intends to ensure young people have a meaningful opportunity to influence Brexit negotiations.