Review of the Impact of the 2006 (Parental involvement) Act

Date: 31st May 2017
Category: Parental guidance

On the tenth anniversary of the Act, the National Parent Forum of Scotland has announced that the Review of the impact of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 has now been published.

The formal launch of the Review took place in Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh and brought together parents and stakeholders, including Deputy First Minister John Swinney. The event aims to share key findings, to celebrate the successes of the Act and to discuss how the parental engagement agenda can move forward.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland are now looking forward to working with stakeholders following this Review to further the parental involvement agenda in Scotland.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland chair, Joanna Murphy, said:

"This Review has been an opportunity to research whether the 2006 legislation fits with today's landscape. Although a great deal has been achieved, there is more to be done. I hope that this Review will allow all of us to continue to keep parents at the heart of their child's learning. I will continue to strive for a political and legislative environment which champions the voice of parents".

Recommendations have been made to Scottish Government, national agencies, local authorities and schools.

Key messages include:

  • a desire to improve and update key aspects of the Act and accompanying guidance;
  • a need to extend the legislation to cover the early years;
  • a requirement for further partnership working between parents and practitioners;
  • a need to protect and promote the role of the parent council whilst addressing equality and;
  • and a desire to further implement the learning at home strand of the act.
  • Read the full review here.