Independent review of hate crime legislation

Date: 14th April 2017
Category: Non-discrimination

Lord Bracadale has been appointed by the Scottish Ministers to undertake an independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland. He is looking at the existing offences that come under the umbrella of "hate crime" so that he can form a view as to how well the present law works.

The review will look at whether changes need to be made; whether the offences should be extended to cover other groups; and whether all hate crimes should be brought into one area of legislation.

Lord Bracadale wishes to reach out to as many individuals as possible and so has prepared a questionnaire to better understand what people identify as hate crime and learn about personal experiences and the impact that hate crime has had on those affected. This includes hate crime committed online.

This is designed to be a quick survey which captures multiple views. It is suggested that respondents use no more than 350 words for each section.

How this information is being used

Your responses will help Lord Bracadale identify the relevant issues that he should address when he produces his consultation paper over the summer. The consultation paper will explore a wide range of issues, including what type of conduct should be identified as hate crime for the purpose of the criminal law and whether the current law meets this need. There will also be an opportunity to expand on experiences of reporting hate crimes and expectations of the criminal justice system.