Consultation on the draft Delivery Plan for Equally Safe

Date: 3rd April 2017
Category: Equal protection from violence

Angela Constance MSP has launched a consultation on the draft Delivery Plan for Equally Safe. The delivery plan sets out the actions to be undertaken by Scottish Government, COSLA and key partners.


In 2016 Scottish Government published a revised version of Equally Safe, Scotland's strategy to eradicate violence against women and girls. The strategy envisions a Scotland where all individuals are equally safe and respected, and where women and girls live free from all forms of violence and abuse - and the attitudes that help perpetuate it. This consultation is on the delivery plan.

Scottish Government are asking whether respondents consider the actions under each priority in the delivery plan to be relevant, effective and appropriate, and the ways in which organisations take play a part.

A set of measures have been set out in the draft delivery plan including:

  • Setting out steps to implement the Istanbul Convention, a landmark law on violence against women, fully in Scotland.
  • Establishing an Equality in Sport and Physical Activity Forum, combined with a Gender Equality in Sport fund to address barriers to women's participation.
  • Actions to tackle online misogyny and a drive to shift societal norms and stereotypes, including raising awareness in schools and community groups.
  • Improving the delivery of specialist support services for victims of gender-based violence.
  • Developing quality standards for public authorities in dealing with victims.
  • Carrying out an independent review of how third sector services are commissioned and how quality and sustainability can be assured
  • Access the consultation on the draft Delivery Plan for Equally Safe here.