Take a Stand, Scottish Youth Parliament Elections 2017

Date: 6th March 2017
Category: Respect for the views of the child

Young people across Scotland are campaigning for votes to become MSYPs as the voting officially opens for the 2017 SYP Elections.

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is the democratically elected voice of Scotland's young people. It provides a national platform for young people to discuss issues important to them and affect the change they wish to see.

SYP was influential in helping secure votes for 16-year-olds in Scotland, and has also been a key voice in the campaign for equal marriage through its Love Equally campaign. SYP's current campaign, Speak Your Mind, focuses on raising awareness of mental health, empowering young people to talk positively about mental health, and calling for accessible, high quality mental health services and information for all of Scotland's young people.

The voting period will take place between Friday 3rd March 2017 and Friday 17th March 2017, and young people will be able to cast their vote to elect an MSYP to represent them in their local area or national voluntary organisation.

The Scottish Youth Parliament hold elections every two years for its membership. A list of the 2017 candidates and details for local (or if a voluntary organisation) elections can be found at http://www.syp.org.uk/stand4syp.

Young people can cast their vote by submitting a paper ballot or using the Young Scot e-voting system, depending on the method chosen by the local authority.

All media enquiries to Karen Keith, Communications Officer, 0131 557 0452, Karen.k@syp.org.uk