“School should be a joyful place” - Learning and school life in Scotland: a Children’s Parliament report

Date: 24th January 2017

The Scottish Government's Education Governance Review prompted Children's Parliament to reflect, in this report, on what children have been sharing with them over many years about their experience of school and learning.

This publication draws on children's participation in the Children's Parliament's programmes, projects and consultations from 2008 to 2016; and is further enhanced by a recent workshop with children in which they reviewed findings and authenticated the publication's key messages.

The views and experiences shared in the report give us much food for thought if we aspire to Scotland being the best place to go to school. The very title - "School should be a joyful place" - is perhaps the best way to summarise what children want and need. What children have said has also been the basis of a submission to the Scottish Government's Education Governance Review (2016).