Baseline report for the CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund

Date: 10th January 2017
Category: Funding

Funded organisations recently completed a self-evaluation survey as part of the Scottish Government's evaluation of the Fund to assess whether the overall vision for the Fund is achieved and to help inform future decisions around this area of funding. The initial finds from this work have now been published.

Baseline report

The Scottish Government established the Children, Young People & Families Early Intervention and Adult Learning & Empowering Communities (CYPFEI & ALEC) Fund to enhance the core services and infrastructure of national third sector organisations in relevant policy areas during the period 2016-19. In total 118 third sector organisations were awarded funding of approximately £14m for 2016/17 with subsequent funding dependent on satisfactory progress towards individual outcomes and the overall budget available. Iconic Consulting is conducting a formative evaluation of the CYPFEI & ALEC Fund to assess whether the overall vision for the Fund is achieved and to help inform future decisions around this area of funding. This baseline report summarises the initial evaluation findings.

Main findings of the Research paper

- Funded organisations regard the skills and knowledge within their organisations positively. Financial pressures and increasing demand for services were seen as constraints on organisational capacity.
- Prevention and early intervention were important to funded organisations and were generally embedded in the delivery of their core services. Financial pressures, increasing demand for frontline services and the increasing complexity of cases were however identified as challenges in this area.
- Funded organisations were committed to equality and diversity, with a number established to promote the rights of particular minority groups. It was suggested that smaller organisations may find it more difficult to articulate their approach.
- Overall third sector organisations worked well together although competition for funding was identified as an increasing barrier to information sharing. Third sector organisations also reported good relationships with the Scottish Government, however for some this was limited to one or two key contacts.
- Consultees welcomed the assignment of Policy Officers from Scottish Government/Education Scotland to third sector organisations supported by the Fund. The main benefits were seen as greater understanding and mutually beneficial communications around policy issues.
- The development of the Fund was regarded as inclusive with positive third sector involvement. Funded organisations welcomed support for core services and infrastructure which is adding to organisational capacity and should enhance prevention and early intervention, and joint working.
- Financial sustainability was regarded as challenging although there were examples of how the Fund is helping to identify alternative funding sources.
- Overall, consultees suggested the Fund will contribute to improved outcomes for beneficiaries of each organisation and this will lead to a national impact.