LGBT Youth Scotland Want to Hear Stories of Homelessness

Date: 1st November 2016
Category: Freedom of association and peaceful assembly, Child poverty

LGBT Youth Scotland's Housing and Homelessness Youth Commissioners want to hear from LGBT young people who have experience of homelessness. They are gathering young people's stories to help evidence the need for a National Strategy that recognises the role discrimination plays in increasing the risk of homelessness.

LGBT young people are disproportionately represented amongst the young homeless population in the UK, where approximately 24% of all young people identify as LGBT. A group of ten young people from across Scotland have come together to form a Youth Commission on Homelessness and Housing to address the specific issues and risks young LGBT people face when homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The gathered stories and experiences will be highlighted in a final report, and displayed at an exhibition style event in spring 2017, where professionals and decision makers will be invited to come together to learn about key challenges and recommendations through the medium of the arts.

Get in touch with Janice and the Youth Commissioners at or phone 0141 552 7425.