Catch-EyoU - Survey for Young People on the EU and Brexit

Date: 15th November 2016
Category: Respect for the views of the child

Young people are being invited to take part in a research study on citizenship and Europe entitled Catch-EyoU being conducted by the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics.

The study seeks the views of British young people between 16-26 on their experiences and perspectives as young citizens living in Europe. This is their opportunity to tell us what they think about what has happened in the UK and in Europe in the past year, including the Brexit vote to leave the European Union and the ongoing political situation involving refugees coming into Europe and the UK. Taking this survey will make their voice as a young person heard within the scientific research communities both in the UK and in the European Union.

The survey is open until the end of November 2016 - participants are automatically entered in a raffle to win one of forty £20 amazon vouchers, and those who re-take the survey in a year's time will be automatically entered in a prize draw for a £200 Amazon voucher.