Anxiety a rising concern in young people contacting Childline

Date: 15th November 2016
Category: Mental health

There has been a sharp rise in young people facing anxiety in the last year. Children and young people are experiencing anxiety about a multitude of issues, including over world affairs.

The NSPCC figures reveal that:

- A rise of 35% Childline counselling sessions about anxiety in the last year.
- Almost 6,500 Childline counselling sessions in the last 6 months.
- Anxiety features with children as young as 8, with girls 7 times more likely to contact than boys.

Causes ranged from personal and family issues to concerns about world affairs such as the EU Referendum, the US Election and troubles in the Middle East.

Research indicates the reasons for the sharp rise are down to a combination of personal and political issues, with some young people talking to counsellors about problems in their day-to-day life while others cite disturbing events seen in the media and social media as being the source of their worries.

One teenage caller who contacted Childline said: "Things like the EU referendum and the US election make me worry about my future and how things are going to change. I feel really sorry for the refugees because it isn't their fault that their country is at war."