Fairer Scotland

Date: 17th October 2016
Category: Child poverty

The Scottish Government launched its Fairer Scotland Action Plan this week, setting out the 50 steps it plans to take to make Scotland a fairer place by 2030.

The Fairer Scotland Action Plan is built on five ambitions that Scottish Government will focus on in the period to 2030:

  • A fairer Scotland for all
  • Ending child poverty
  • A strong start for all young people
  • Fairer working lives
  • A thriving third age

At the centre of the Plan are 50 fairness actions for this parliamentary term that will direct Scottish Government in meeting these ambitions, ranging across the responsibilities of government.

The Action Plan features commitments from a range of organisations from across the UK who want to assist in building a Fairer Scotland and is the start of a long term commitment.

Together welcome the inclusion to tackle child poverty amongst the five key themes of the plan and also welcome the Scottish Government's commitment to learning from YouthLink Scotland's 'Cost of a School Day Project', to remove financial barriers to early learning and childcare and to introduce Best Start Grants to increase the resources available to low income families with young children.