Ending human trafficking

Date: 17th October 2016
Category: Child trafficking

Scotland's first Human Trafficking Strategy aiming to break up trafficking groups and support victims has been launched following evidence of a threefold rise in child trafficking.

The strategy, out for consultation from 12 October, involves joint working with Police Scotland, the third sector and partners across the UK. It covers three key themes:

  • Actions to raise awareness of human trafficking and exploitation, such as helping the wider public to recognise the signs of trafficking and know what action to take;
  • Improving arrangements to facilitate detection and prevention, including robust cross-border action by police and court;
  • Support and assistance for victims, including a clear process to assist their rehabilitation.

The Justice Secretary Michael Matheson said:

"Human trafficking is an abhorrent crime, causing lasting physical and psychological damage, yet such exploitation is happening in Scotland today. The number of trafficking victims identified and rescued in Scotland rose by 46% in the two years up to 2015."

Recently, it was reported that there has been a three-fold rise since 2011 in the numbers of children trafficked into Scotland.