Barriers to the Children’s Hearing System for ethnic minority children

Date: 6th September 2016
Category: Non-discrimination, Respect for the views of the child

SCRA is carrying out research on the barriers which might prevent children, young people and families from ethnic minorities from reaching out to professionals, and/or from getting the help they need when they do, including statutory interventions through the Children's Hearings System.

This survey is part of this research. It focuses on children whose ethnic backgrounds are Pakistani, Polish, African, Indian and Chinese as these are the most common ethnic groups amongst children in Scotland. The survey aims to find out what those involved in universal services and with ethnic minority groups, or the Hearings System, consider are the possible barriers (if any) to such families seeking help related to child protection.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The survey will take a few minutes to complete.

Access the survey here.