Scotland's young carers hide their responsibilities

Date: 10th August 2016
Category: Young carers

According to new research by the Carers Trust Scotland, young carers in Scotland are hiding their responsibilities from their friends due to bullying and a lack of understanding.

The research has revealed that 40% of young carers have not told their friends about their caring role. Three in four said that they didn't think their friends would understand and half had a fear of being bullied. The survey, which reached 136 young carers aged 5-18, also found that only 15% of young carers had told all of their friends about their caring role.

Scottish Young Carers Festival

The research was published on the eve of the Scottish Young Carers Festival, held from 2-4 August 2016.

The event saw around 600 young carers come together from all over Scotland and is organised by Carers Trust Scotland. It provides a national platform for young carers to share their experiences of being a young carer, the impact it has on them and to suggest changes that could make their lives better.

An equally vital aspect of the festival is to provide young carers with a much needed break from their caring responsibilities, speak to other young people in similar situations, share new experiences and have fun.