New research published on best interests for babies in prison

Date: 23rd August 2016
Category: Children of prisoners

New collaborative research into the issue of mothers and babies in prison suggest that the current arrangements in Scotland do not adequately account for the often complex needs of imprisoned mothers, who have often had chaotic lifestyles linked to drug and alcohol use, and poor mental health.

The research, conducted by Aberlour, the University of Stirling and the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection (CCWP) have explored the subject through 'The Rose Report: Best for Babies', which looks at how babies can be supported to stay with their imprisoned mothers, and whether this is in their best interests.

Through a series of interviews with professionals and mothers, the project found Scotland's custodial settings could better support babies to stay with their mothers, and made a broad set of recommendations which include improved environments, staff support and more custodial alternatives.