New report on post-school transition experiences of young people with learning difficulties

Date: 10th August 2016
Category: Right to life, survival and development, Disabled children

'Life on the Edge of the Cliff' received a Travel Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to explore post school experiences of young people with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and/or Tourette's Syndrome in Italy, Norway and the Czech Republic.

As part of the project, Tracey Francis, Churchill Fellow, interviewed 50 young people with one or more of these conditions, or their family members, along with professionals, practitioners and policymakers in each of the three countries. The final report draws on their input to:

- explore 5 key themes that have a bearing on effective support for this group, illustrated by examples of good practice;

- identify key points specific to this group of young people;

- offer recommendations and action points to improve existing support.