Case study submissions for State of Childrens Rights report

Date: 23rd August 2016
Category: Scotland-specific monitoring and reporting

Whilst we have identified several case studies from existing submissions, Together are keen for organisations to get in touch with key issue case studies.

In each annual State of Children's Rights in Scotland report, Together includes a case study at the beginning of each UNCRC 'cluster' area chapter. For example, 8 case studies will be identified for the following 8 chapters:

  1. General Measures of Implementation
  2. General Principles
  3. Civil Rights and Freedoms
  4. Violence against Children
  5. Family Environment and Alternative Care
  6. Disability, Basic Health and Welfare
  7. Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
  8. Special Protection Measures

We are particularly keen to hear of case studies pertaining to the last Chapter, Special Protection Measures.

Within each of these Chapters matching the UNCRC cluster areas, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child have identified the following issues:

1. General Measures of Implementation:

a. Legislation
b. Comprehensive policy and strategy
c. Child rights impact assessments
d. Co-ordination
e. Allocation of resources
f. Data collection
g. Independent monitoring
h. International Cooperation
i. Children's rights and the business sector

2. General Principles:

a. Non-discrimination
b. Best interests of the child
c. Right to life, survival and development
d. Respect for views of the child

3. Civil Rights and Freedoms:

a. Birth registration and nationality
b. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
c. Freedom of association and peaceful assembly
d. Right to privacy

4. Violence against Children:

a. Torture and other cruel or degrading treatment or punishment
b. Corporal punishment
c. Violence, abuse and neglect
d. Sexual exploitation and abuse
e. Harmful practices
f. Freedom of the child from all forms of violence

5. Family Environment and Alternative Care:

a. Family environment
b. Children deprived of a family environment
c. Children of incarcerated parents

6. Disability, Basic Health and Welfare:

a. Children with disabilities
b. Health and health services
c. Mental health
d. Adolescent health
e. Nutrition
f. Environmental health
g. Standard of living

7. Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities:

a. Education, including vocational training and guidance
b. Rest, leisure, recreation and cultural and artistic activities

8. Special Protection Measures:

a. Asylum-seeking, refugee and migrant children
b. Administration of juvenile justice
c. Child victims and witnesses of crimes

As previously stated, Together currently has no case studies for the last chapter on Special Protection Measures and so submissions on these issues would be particularly welcomed.

Examples of previous case studies that have been included in our State of Children's Rights report can be found in the 2014 report here at the beginning of each chapter.

If you wish to send in a submission or to discuss further, please contact Liz on 0131 337 9015 or email