Scotland’s 5Rights Youth Commission Survey

Date: 12th July 2016
Category: Protection of privacy, Access to appropriate information

Scotland's 5Rights Youth Commission have recently launched an online survey to capture the experiences, thoughts and evidence about the digital world from young people in Scotland.

The 5Rights Youth Commission was set up earlier this year. A group of 19 young people are working on this 12 month project which seeks to develop the rights of young people in the digital world.

Supported by Young Scot the group will make recommendations to the Scottish Government and help shape the best possible online future for young people in Scotland.

The 5Rights are:

  • The right to remove: to easily edit or delete online content you yourself have put up, to give under 18's some say in how they appear online, and some ownership of their history as they see it.
  • The right to know: to know who, what, why and for what purposes, your data is being exchanged. And a meaningful choice, about whether to engage in that exchange.
  • The right to safety and support: to be confident you will be protected from illegal practices, and supported if confronted by troubling and upsetting scenarios online. Support is currently sparse, fragmented and largely invisible to those young people who need it.
  • The right to make informed and conscious choices: to engage online but also to disengage at will and not have their attention held unknowingly.
  • The right to digital literacy: to understand the purposes of the technology you are using and to grow up a creator as well as a consumer, and have a clear grasp of the likely social outcomes.

The 5Rights Youth Commission have released a survey so that they can collect the views of other young people on what digital rights mean to them and how they will help them in their digital lives.