Children’s Right to Play and the Environment

Date: 29th June 2016
Category: Recreation, play and cultural activities

A new discussion paper has been prepared on promoting the child's rights to play for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion 2016 which will discuss children's rights and the environment.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, 2016 Day of General Discussion to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on 23 September 2016 will be devoted to the theme of Children's Rights and the Environment. Inspired by this theme, IPA has developed a discussion paper on Children's Right to Play and the Environment.

This discussion paper highlights the critical role of play to children's well-being, development and survival and reflects upon the impact of environmental conditions on the realisation of the right to play in children's everyday lives. The paper aims to stimulate and inform other written or oral contributions to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion, 2016.

"The quality and benefits of play are highly susceptible to the environments in which it occurs. It can be compromised by extreme and toxic stressors brought about through the actions or inaction of adults. Wherever children's right to play is negatively impacted there are consequences for children's health, development and well-being."

Experts who contributed to the drafting of this paper are:
Prof. Sheridan Bartlett; Theresa Casey; Dr. Sudeshna Chatterjee; Prof. Roger Hart; Prof. John McKendrick; Robyn Monro Miller; Dr. Wendy Russell; Keith Towler.

As a result of this work, IPA is working with the organizers of the Day to hold a Side Event on Play and Urbanization - details TBC.