Protecting children from exposure to alcohol marketing

Date: 18th May 2016
Category: Children affected by substance misuse

Together have recently supported this joint campaign to protect children from exposure to alcohol marketing.

The campaign warns that this must be given far greater priority by all parties in the next parliamentary term.

The joint campaign have highlighted that many activities such as watching sport on TV, waiting for the school bus, at the cinema or using social media are exposing children to positive messages from alcohol companies. As well as being morally wrong, research has shown that exposure to alcohol marketing increases the likelihood that young people will start to use alcohol, and to drink more if they are already using alcohol.

The campaign states that current codes are failing to protect children, and that it is time to take effective action in Scotland to ensure that children can play, learn and socialise in places that are free from alcohol marketing.

Together have supported the following statement:

"I believe that alcohol marketing has no place in childhood. All children should play, learn and socialise in places that are healthy and safe, protected from exposure to alcohol advertising and sponsorship."

Many MSPs and election candidates from all parties have already pledged their support. Now the campaign is asking children and young people's organisations, health groups and anyone else concerned about this issue to also sign up.

To support the campaign, please email with your organisation logo. You can also tweet your support @AlcoholFocus #alcoholfreekids