‘Growing Up, Moving On’ report publication

Date: 29th March 2016
Category: Age of criminal responsibility

This report examines how childhood criminal records (those acquired before a person is 18 years old) are treated in 16 jurisdictions.

Key finding

Of all the areas looked at, the system in England and Wales is one of the most punitive. A criminal record acquired by a child in England and Wales can affect that person for longer, and more profoundly, than in any other jurisdiction under consideration.

The report on the treatment of childhood criminal records is being launched at the House of Commons on 19 April. The event will be hosted by Lord Ramsbotham, former Chief Inspector of Prisons.

Together are part of the Independent Advisory Group that has released its report on the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Scotland. The key recommendation is that the age of criminal responsibility should be raised from 8 to 12 years as soon as possible.

Access more information on Scotland's Minimum Age of Responsibility here.