Children’s Commissioner’s Strategic Plan 2016-20

Date: 29th March 2016
Category: General measures of implementation

The Commissioner has launched his Strategic Plan for the next four years. The Plan lays out the office's Strategic Aims for the 2016-20 period, as well as the key themes the office will work on.

Strategic Aims

The office's Strategic Aims as outlined in the Plan are:

1. To maximise the impact of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and other relevant international rights instruments in Scotland.
2. To influence and promote the effective and sustainable involvement and widespread participation of children and young people in Scotland's society.
3. To promote and safeguard the rights of children and young people, particularly the rights of vulnerable groups, through policy scrutiny and by supporting good practice.
4. To provide from January 2017 s complaints and investigation service on the basis of the rights, interests and views of children and young people.
5. To ensure that the office of the Commissioner is efficient, effective and fit for purpose.

Key themes

There are five key themes for 2016-20 in the plan:

- Child poverty
- Children safe from harm
- Discrimination
- Mental health
- Care experienced children and young people.

These themes were informed by a number of research reports, which looked at the views of children and young people in Scotland.