2016 UK Budget Impact on Scotland

Date: 29th March 2016
Category: Other human rights treaties and mechanisms

Recently, the UK Chancellor set the 2016 Budget. Children in Scotland has produced a summary and analysis of the measures that are significant for the children's sector in Scotland.

Children in Scotland's overview:

The Chancellor George Osborne has set the Budget for 2016 in a challenging economic climate and claimed that it puts "the next generation first". As a result of devolution, many of the proposals do not affect children and families in Scotland directly. However, there are a number that do. A UK-wide sugar tax on the soft drinks industry to help tackle childhood obesity and a reduction in the average tax spend for low earners are welcome measures. However, cuts to Personal Independence Payments, coupled with a tax break for high earners at a time when public services are under threat, are unacceptable.

Children in Scotland is concerned that this Budget omits any measures that will address deep-rooted inequalities, eradicate poverty or help bring about the sustained and meaningful change for children and families that they call for in their manifesto.