Included in the Main?!

Date: 17th February 2016
Category: Non-discrimination, Inclusive education, Disabled children

Enable Scotland have published the findings from its large Scotland-wide survey on the 22 steps on the journey to inclusion for every pupil who has a learning disability.

ENABLE Scotland has launched a national conversation to get a picture of what education is really like for young people who have educational support for learning needs, including learning disabilities, in Scotland today. There are many ways to get involved and findings will feed into a campaign report to share with decision makers.

Simply being present in a classroom does not mean you are included. Too many young people who have learning disabilities are still excluded by friends and peers; from classroom and curriculum; and from opportunities and activities that make up every part of school life.

ENABLE Scotland is talking Education. They're asking:

  • Are young people who have additional support for learning needs really Included in the Main?!

How to get involved in the conversation

Included in the Main?! asks young people currently in school, those who have moved beyond formal education, their families and friends, and the professionals who work with them, to share their stories, how they feel about their school and their education.