Technologies 3-18 Curriculum Impact report

Date: 3rd June 2015

Technologies 3-18 Curriculum Impact report contributes to the overall picture of what it is like to be a learner in Scotland in the second decade of the 21st century and evaluates the quality of young people's learning and achievements in the technologies.

The report identifies strengths in learning across the technologies and it suggests what can be done to improve outcomes for children, young people, and communities. This includes setting an agenda to better advance learning in the technologies with a range of key partners.

The report is based on evidence and data gathered from around 40 exploratory visits to early learning and childcare settings, primary, secondary and special schools in Scotland. It also draws on evidence from research across Europe and beyond.

Young people's achievements in external examinations provide further important data, contributing to a comprehensive picture of how technologies experiences are impacting on young people and their communities.

The report comes at a time when young people are entering into a world which is changing educationally, economically and socially, at an unprecedented rate. With that in mind, the report sets out an ambitious, inclusive agenda for improvement, inviting all of those with an interest in the future of Scotland's young people to play their part.

Key messages (strengths):
- Computing and digital media remain popular, with highly committed learners,
- Strong industry focus within programme design and delivery,
- Good arrangements for progression to degree-level study,
- High standard of learner work, especially at the HNC/D level,
- Improving attainment of qualifications.

Areas for development:
- Mathematics,
- Involvement of employers in design or delivery,
- Industry qualifications,
- In-depth analytical, creativity or problem-solving skills,
- Learner outcomes,
- School or parental guidance for applicants,
- Learner awareness of employment opportunities,
- Gender imbalance.