Five Rights Issues for Professional Youth Footballers

Date: 10th June 2015
Category: Respect for the views of the child, Best interests of the child, Recreation, play and cultural activities

The rights of talented young footballers aren't always considered when they sign with a professional club, according to a new report from Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People.

The report, submitted to the Scottish Parliament's Petitions Committee report in response to Petition PE1319: Improving youth football in Scotland, found cause for concern with regard to a number of rights in the UNCRC including:

  • Article 3, which says a young person's best interests must be considered in decisions that affect them.
  • Article 12, which says a young person should be able to influence decision-making processes that impact their life.
  • Article 36, which says young people should be protected from all forms of exploitation that could have a negative impact on their welfare.

The report consisted of:

- A children's rights impact assessment around the current registration procedures for young footballers in Scotland.

- A research report looking at the views of young people around youth football in Scotland.