Young Scot’s new digital information platform

Date: 26th May 2015
Category: General principles

Last week saw the launch of Young Scot's new digital information platform.

Over the past year, Young Scot has been working to better understand how young people want to find information and use Young Scot online. Using their data and insights on the stuff young people search for, and looking at what content and services young people use on a regular basis, they have worked hard to design a brand new digital service.

Extensive co-design and user testing sessions with groups of young people across the country have further developed the understanding of the kind of online services young people want from Young Scot. We know young people are viewing loads of content online via smartphones or tablets, and this new platform is the next step in Young Scot's ambition to provide a better social and mobile focused service.

The new platform brings together all of Young Scot's information, opportunities and services under one roof and to ensure that young people get the best information possible, the platform also has content brought to you by Young Scot's partners such as Get The Lowdown, Choices for Life and My World of Work.

Designed 'mobile first', the site fits with the devices that young people use on a daily basis, and has content from other much-loved social platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

The new platform focuses on location, serving content that is "near you" using geolocation technologies in digital devices. Working closely with our Local Authority partners, it offers young people a more personalised experience, providing information, things to do, discounts and rewards on their doorstep.

Together with digital partners Storm ID, Young Scot adopted a co-design and user-led approach to the development, ensuring that the platform is designed for the needs of young people in Scotland. It reflects how young people want to engage with Young Scot information as they grow up.

If you would like to know more about the platform, or are interested in producing content or becoming an information partner, then contact Kirsten Urquhart, Information Services Manager directly.