Scottish Government publishes response to consultation on Carers legislation

Date: 17th March 2015
Category: Young carers

This consultation took place between 22 January and 16 April 2014 and set out the proposals to improve outcomes for carers and young carers across Scotland, and this response analyses the responses received and sets out conclusions and next steps.

After consideration of the views of young carers and bodies representing young carers, the Scottish Government has outlined that it will introduce a Young Carer's Statement (YCS). The YCS will be very similar to the Adult Carers Support Plan (as included in the original proposals) in terms of the identification of personal outcomes and identified needs (if any) and setting out the support (if any) to be provided to a young carer to meet those needs.

This reflects Together's and other non-government organisations (including YouthLink Scotland, Scottish Youth Parliament and Carers Trust) submissions to the consultation highlighting concern that young carers should also be eligible for a Carers Support Plan.

The response also proposes the following:

- that local authorities will be required to prepare and publish a short breaks services statement. This will enable local authorities to provide information to adult and young carers about the different types and the range of short breaks that might be available;
- to introduce both a duty and a power to support adult and young carers;
- to introduce a duty for local authorities and health boards to involve adult carers, young carers, carer organisations and other relevant organisations in the planning, shaping and delivery and review of services.