Europe says austerity bites

Date: 25th November 2014
Category: Awareness-raising

The Commissioner's office has been involved in a major participative project to communicate the impacts of austerity policies, which formed part of an international conference last month.

Austerity Bites is a series of 32 films that give a voice to young people from 8 European countries. Together, the films communicate the impacts of austerity policies in a powerful and personal way.

Through a mixture of live film, animation and other techniques, the shorts give an insight into what austerity policies mean for the young people involved.
The films show young people creatively responding to economic crisis in a variety of different ways. For example:

  • A young man in Marseilles documents the difference between the city tourists see and the one he lives in day to day
  • A young woman in The Hauge uses her empty fridge to illustrate how many young people will now go hungry
  • A young man in Athens raps about the damage caused to Greece by austerity policies

An Austerity Bites brochure has been published which gives a flavour of all 32 of the project's films.