Comic Relief UK Grant Making

Date: 1st November 2014
Category: Awareness-raising

Across the UK, Comic Relief funds work that aims to achieve one of five main themes to tackle complex problems and create positive social change for all ages.

The five main themes are:

  • Better Futures (investing in organisations working with vulnerable young people, aged 11-24)
  • Healthier Finances (work to tackle financial poverty)
  • Safer Lives (empowering people to avoid harmful situations, providing specialist support to those in need and tackling the root causes of the problems we seek to address)
  • Stronger Communities (strengthening local communities)
  • Fairer Society (supporting marginalised groups of people to have a voice in decisions that affect their lives as well as groups tackling some of the root causes of injustice by working together towards a fairer society)

Each theme is described in more detail through a number of outcomes or the change Comic Relief hopes to see. Organisations need to meet at least one outcome within their chosen theme.

Following the highly successful first phase of The Scottish Sport Relief Home and Away Programme which supported 22 projects in Scotland, Phase II is supported by Legacy 2014, the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities Programme and Comic Relief.

It hopes to create a lasting and positive legacy in Scotland by funding projects using the power and inspiration of sport to reach, engage and support young people (11-24) who have limited opportunities and face significant challenges.