Together blog is launched

Date: 15th September 2014
Category: Awareness-raising

Together has launched a new blog: an exciting space to learn more about children's rights and where regular guest articles will be published.

Articles will be written by our members and other experts in human rights on issues facing children in Scotland, with the chance for readers to comment and offer perspectives.

The blog is for anyone with an interest in children's rights - those who work with or for children and young people, those who want to learn more about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and for children and young people themselves.

Please feel free to contact Together on what you think of the new site - all comments and feedback are very welcome!

The first guest blog 'Children's rights in person and online' by Brian Donnelly, Director of respectme, reflects on the right to privacy (Article 16 of the UNCRC) and the right to protection (Article 19 of the UNCRC) and the right to parental guidance (Article 5). Brian highlights the challenge of balancing these rights in relation to social media. He concludes his article with the importance of understanding children's rights in person and online.