Youth homelessness inquiry launched

Date: 26th April 2014
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

The Scottish Parliament's Equal Opportunities Committee is holding an inquiry into young people's experiences of homelessness, and how this can be prevented.

This follows on from the Committee's previous inquiry on youth homelessness, which took place in 2012, titled Having and Keeping a Home: steps to preventing homelessness among young people.

Young people, local authorities, organisations and other interested parties are invited to submit evidence to the Committee. The Committee has put together a number of questions to respond to, including:

  • How might the implementation of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill help to tackle youth homelessness?
  • Is the Getting it Right for Every Child helping schools and local authorities to tackle youth homelessness?

The closing date for the call for evidence is 23rd May 2014.