Standards of school toilets: survey of parents and carers of disabled children

Date: 10th March 2014
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People (SCCYP) is running a survey for parents and carers of disabled children, with a view to obtain information on the specific needs and concerns that disabled children may have regarding the standard of their school toilets.

SCCYP is running a campaign called "Flushed with Success?: Setting the Standard for Scotland's School Toilets" which seeks to address the standards and qualities of Scotland's school toilets. Some work has been done already to find out what young people think about their toilets. SCCYP is now keen to find out more about the specific needs of children and young people who have disabilities or long term conditions.

In many schools the standard of pupil toilets is extremely high, while in others improvement is urgently needed. There are many reasons for this, and SCCYP has called for these standards to be monitored and guaranteed in the same way as they are in adult workplaces.

SCCYP will be reporting the findings of the survey to a round table event in May 2014 when policy makers, support organisations, young people and schools will hear more about issues around school toilets and discuss how to achieve improvement.