GIRFEC – do they get it? Invitation to awareness sessions

Date: 13th February 2014
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

This project will work with disabled children, young people and those with a long term condition as well as their parent/carers to help raise awareness of GIRFEC.

Through building this awareness, The ALLIANCE Scotland hopes to enable this group to be aware of their entitlement, to understand its principles and to be able to ask for services and agencies that will assist them with their health and wellbeing.

GIRFEC is the Scottish Government's approach to making Scotland the best place to grow up for all children and young people. It is about implementing good practice and supporting wellbeing to allow every child and young person to be the very best they can be.

If you are a young person or a parent/carer, and if you are part of a group or organisation who would like to know more about GIRFEC and be involved in 'Raising Awareness Sessions' then please follow the links below for further information and contact details.The ALLIANCE is a key member of GIRFEC.