Youth Work Equalities and Human Rights survey

Date: 15th January 2014
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

A survey has been developed to enable YouthLink Scotland to shape its future work on the subject considering the youth work sector's relationship with the Equalities Act 2010 and Human Rights in its widest sense, including the UNCRC.

YouthLink Scotland is committed to supporting youth workers to enable all young people to feel included and supported in any youth work activity, and to establish a sector free of discrimination and exclusion. Participation and non-discrimination are two of the 4 General Principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and you can find out more about the implementation of these principles in Scotland by reading Together's annual State of Children's Rights report.

It is essential that the needs of all children and young people are identified so that support can be given to uphold their right to be included in youth work activity.

Youthlink Scotland hope that this survey will identify priorities for future work which may include training and the establishment of specialist networks (physical or virtual) to share expertise, develop practice and fill gaps in provision for young people in response to the needs of the sector and Youthlink Scotland members.

For further details, please contact Heather McVey on 0131 313 2488 or email at