New report: Creating a non-violent juvenile justice system

Date: 26th October 2013
Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms

As a follow-up to the 2006 UN Study on Violence against Children, the International NGO Council on Violence Against Children has launched its latest report, "Creating a non-violent juvenile justice system".

The report aspires not only to clarify the many ways in which governments fail to protect children in conflict with the law, but also to present a non-violent vision of juvenile justice. In effect, the Council proposes a model of what a non-violent juvenile justice system would look like.

The report illustrates the violent realities of juvenile justice by taking the reader through a hypothetical journey which compares the two systems - violent and non-violent - side by side. This journey is based on juvenile justice laws, policies, practices, reports and studies from around the world.

By presenting information in this way, this report not only highlights how flawed juvenile justice systems perpetuate violence against children, but also how these systems can be reformed to ensure that every child who comes into conflict with the law is fully protected from all forms of violence.

  • You can read a special edition violence CRINmail on the launch of the report here.
  • Download the full report here.