'Give us a Hand With Childcare' – 10 key messages from parents in Scotland

Date: 17th September 2013
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care

A new report launched by Save the Children on 17th September 2013 highlights 10 childcare challenges that parents in Scotland believe are holding them and their children back.

These include that the costs are too high, that childcare is not available at the right times or in the right places and can be very inflexible. The new report highlights the views, voices and experiences of parents across Scotland about using childcare, particularly those living on low incomes.

Give us a Hand With Childcare is based on 'childcare conversations' that Save the Children has had over the last 18 months. More than 100 parents took part - mums and dads, single parents and parents in couples, parents who are in work or studying, and those who are currently unemployed.

  • Download the report here.

What Save the Children want to see change

They are calling for a right to high quality, affordable and flexible childcare for all families.

What next?

Alongside parents, Save the Children is campaigning for reform. They are calling on decision makers to listen to and act on what parents' across Scotland have told them about the childcare challenges they face. Save the Children need your help to ensure that parents' get more help to access the best childcare for them and their children.

Save the Children is campaigning on childcare (nursery and out of school care) because it is a vital service in tackling poverty and supporting families. It helps their children learn and grow, can reduce inequalities (in the early years), as well as helping them to balance raising their children with employment and study, thus providing economic security and routes out of poverty.

Parents told them that they wanted their children to have the best start in life, to be able to fulfil their potential and have safe, nurturing, stimulating environments and enriching experiences. Childcare services have a key role to play in making this aspiration a reality.

What can you do?

  1. Sign the petition calling for a right to childcare for all families here.
  2. Spread the word to your colleagues, clients, networks and friends and ask them to sign the petition.
  3. Help Save the Children to develop a network of local 'change makers' who are championing change on this issue at local and national level. If you work with parents or others who would be interested please contact Katie McSherry, Campaigner at K.mcsherry@savethechildren.org.uk or 0131 527 8232 to organise a campaign workshop or find out more.