Action on child sexual exploitation

Date: 30th January 2013
Category: Access to appropriate information

A programme of action to tackle child sexual exploitation in Scotland was announced last month by Minister for Children and Young People Aileen Campbell.

Speaking at a conference with child protection experts, Ms Campbell pledged:

  • to pilot improved identification of potential victims, many of whom do not recognise themselves as victims of abuse;
  • improve the way child sexual exploitation is identified by Scotland's new single police force to make this form of abuse more visible;
  • encourage victims to come forward through a new National Confidential Forum, providing a safe space where victims can share their experiences, and
  • a new expert group to capture the lessons of sexual exploitation cases elsewhere in the UK, harnessing the expertise of the public and third sector, and make recommendations to the Scottish Government for further action and research.

She said:

"Research we published last year makes clear that there is no reason to believe that Scotland is any different from other countries in this. Our aim, therefore, must be to ensure that child sexual exploitation in Scotland can be detected, dealt with and ultimately prevented."