Am I getting it Right? Final Blether Reports released by SCCYP

Date: 20th November 2012
Category: Respect for the views of the child

On Friday 23 November the Commissioner welcomed children and young people to the Parliament to report on the work he has done on their behalf in 2011 and 2012. Final reports of a RIGHT blether and a RIGHT wee blether have also been published.

The event, 'Am I getting it Right?' was attended by school pupils, students, and staff and volunteers from children and young people's organisations across Scotland.

Children and young people were closely involved in planning and leading the day. They included members of Edinburgh Youth Forum, who chaired the event, with the group's Jake White enthusiastically tweeting on behalf of the Commissioner, and young people working with Media Education and Princes Royal Trust for Carers, who facilitated workshops.

It was an opportunity for school pupils, young people and adults to discuss the four main areas of work identified through a RIGHT blether, the Commissioner's national consultation with children and young people held in 2010.

The final report of a RIGHT blether has been compiled by SCCYP, to tell the whole story from the very beginning in 2009 to the action that is now being undertaken in response.

The final report of a RIGHT wee blether is also available, which reflects on the creative conversation held last year with children aged 2-5. Both publications offer a detailed record of the consultations, what they achieved, and the action now being taken in response.