Take a Break Funding

Date: 20th August 2012

The 'take a Break' scheme for families raising disabled children in Scotland has re-opened thanks to confirmation of further funding from the Scottish Government.

A further £700,000 has been allocated to continue the hugely successful scheme throughout 2012/13.

Applications can be accepted from 30th July 2012 until 31st December 2012 or earlier if all funds have been allocated.

Take a Break is part of the £2million 'Better Breaks Development Fund' which, under The Scottish Government, aims to improve the provision of, and access to, quality short breaks for disabled children and their families, especially where children and young people have multiple support needs.

Take a Break is grant funding available for families living in Scotland. A 'take a break' grant can be used towards a break, outing or sport activity or other activity in the UK or overseas. The aim of the fund is to support carers, including kinship carers and their families to take a break improving their physical and emotional well being, enabling them to enjoy life and opportunities outside of caring. As 'take a Break' is a limited fund we anticipate the average grant to be in the range of £200-£500.