Tackling poverty across Scotland

Date: 12th December 2011

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment set out the Scottish Government's blueprint for tackling Scotland's areas of deprivation and poverty.

Scotland's Regeneration Strategy sets out a £175 million programme of investment to support the country's most disadvantaged communities, transforming the prospects of the people who live there.

Speaking at the launch in Glasgow, Mr Neil said:

"The ground breaking plans address the economic, physical and social needs of communities in Scotland which face the massive challenges of poverty and deprivation.

"Investment of £175 million is just one aspect of the programme. Across the Scottish Government we are also investing heavily through roads, housing, education and training, to improve the standard of living and opportunities for people living in Scotland as demonstrated by the Infrastructure Investment Plan last week.

"The Regeneration Strategy will build on previous successes and also looks at new projects and ways of working together to enhance and support our most disadvantaged communities. This is an ambitious programme, which seeks to transform the prospects of whole communities.

"It is not something we can achieve alone, and we will require a great deal of partnership working and cooperation to fully realise the economic potential of Scotland's communities. Importantly, we will put the communities themselves at the centre of this process. The people affected by this strategy will be the people who put it into action.