HeadsUp Equality Forum

Date: 16th September 2011
Category: Respect for the views of the child, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

Inequality is a massive topic and one that has come more into focus recently with the economic downturn, the gap between wages of the richest and poorest and riots in many of our larges cities. Some of the issues being discussed in the forum will be:

  • How equal is Britain? Is Britain divided? Were the riots in London, Birmingham and Manchester a reaction to inequality in our society? How can we make sure parliament is more representative of the people?
  • Young people - Have you ever experienced age discrimination? Should there be a younger voting age? Are young people more affected by government cuts than other groups in society?
  • Education - Does everyone have an equal chance in our education system? Do schools do enough to include students with special educational needs and disabilities? Are school dress codes fair?
  • Sport - Should men and women compete in the same sports together? Can women's sports ever reach the same status as men's Do you think mixed sports teams at school are a good idea?

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