The Moffat Trust

Date: 14th March 2011

Grants can take the form of core funding (including salaries and running costs), project grants or capital grants for buildings or equipment. The Trust prefers to offer a contribution towards the total funds required for both capital and core funding requests and, in general, prefers to fund a specific project.

Currently the major categories under which the Trustees consider support are:-

Care - examples include palliative care, care for older people, people with disabilities, and people with mental health issues.

Children/Young People - especially projects which assist underprivileged children and promote child healthcare as well as programmes which are involved in the development of vulnerable/disengaged young people.

Community - with particular regard to charities working to improve the quality of life for those living in disadvantaged areas, especially Scotland.

Education/Training - the Trust is interested in supporting projects covering travel and tourism and those involved in business development.

Sport/Art - particularly projects which help young people develop and progress in their chosen sport and encourage young people to participate in artistic activities.